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Joombib is a custom Joomla! component designed to manage bibliographic data and documents for the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute's library of over 2000 publications. Bibliographic data is stored in bibtex compliant format with additional tagging for research categorization and dynamic use of content on other areas of the website. For example, the Research pages include a section with titles and abstracts from the most recent publications in the relevant area of research.

Feature Summary:

  • PDFs, Bibtex citations, abstracts, high resolution sample images, and links to official journal sites readily available.
  • Simple search by author, title, keyword, abstract, bibtex key, journal, subject, etc.
  • Front end interface for authorized users to add and edit publications
  • Hierarchical research categorization system to associate publications with major fields and subcategories of research.
  • Simple mechanism for linking to the archive with filters for desired results such as author name, i.e. "My Publications".
  • Authors can go quickly down the list of their publications to tag them for the relevant areas of research. Tagging is saved instantly on click.
  • Publication entry form adapts dynamically based on the entry type selected in order to enforce bibtex format compliance.
  • Automatic linking of DOI, ISBN, PubMed ID, PubMed Central ID's, etc.
  • Publication data may be included on external websites such as those for collaborative projects. A seperate tagging section allows publications to be identified as related to specific collaborative projects.
  • Non-SCI authored publications may be included in the database that do not appear on the SCI website, but may appear on collaborative project sites. 

For more detail, click on the screenshots below.

Joombib frontend list
Frontend List View

Expandable abstract section
Expandable Abstract Sections

High res image popup
Highres Sample Images

Bibtex popup
Bibtex Popups

Frontend list with edit features
Frontend Quick Tagging

Frontend edit form
Frontend CRUD

Joombib backend list
Backend List View

Joombib backend edit
Backend Edit Form